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This is another excerpt from my new book About Life:
The Buddha taught that the ego is the source of our pain and suffering. The ego pushes us to attach to things and ideas and that attachment inevitably leads to pain. This is the way of things.

It is your ego that stands in the way of your enlightenment. It is like a weight that inhibits your spiritual and emotional development. It anchors you to the world and keeps you from being free. It is, in The Old Testament use of the word, "a satan."

The "you" that you know is largely an illusion created by your ego. Your image of yourself has been created from what has been reflected to you from other people, (filtered through their own issues). Much of this came from your parents.
Your beliefs are of course real, but they are also profoundly untrue. But because of that, they can be difficult to change.
We have been taught to fear poverty and to turn away from living a simple life. We fear the loss of self and the loss of control that is required to surrender and to live as Christ or St. Francis did. We are terrified of the prospect of being left out in the cold with only our faith to comfort us. We feel as though we have so little already and that we are being asked to give even that up. The perception is that if you let the ego go, you will lose "you." And that is The Great Conundrum.

"Risk" is the important word here. As T.S. Eliot said, "costing not less than everything." You do not believe that God will take care of you, and you aren't ready to surrender being "Me." And you are not about to take the risk to find out!
Confronting your self-worth issues requires a significant revaluation of not only what you believe, but interestingly too, what a part of you needs to believe. As much as you complain about being insecure or not feeling worthwhile, the overarching fear is that if you let these beliefs go, you will be left exposed to scrutiny, with a void of nothingness, a cold, meaningless, hell from which there is no escape. 

And if you feel unworthy you then have permission to hide in the shadows and not expose yourself to life. Doing this, you do not have to risk failure, abandonment and rejection. You just get to feel alone, which is a dreadful trade, but one many people make.

Our whole social structure is built on competition which in turn means not exposing vulnerabilities. As compensation, we cover our fear about who we might be with "stuff!" Our culture is based upon the creation of false images that give us cover for the emptiness and loneliness we feel inside. "How's it going?" they ask. "Fine" we reply. Don't let them see you sweat!
 But, and I cannot emphasize this strongly enough, you cannot lose what is real! Anything you would lose by surrendering isn't who you really are anyway! When you peel away your shell, you won't lose anything real, anything eternal. If your love is real, no one can take that away from you. But, you are being asked by The Universe to let go of the ego "stuff" you get from the world. 

The difficulties you experience in life all perfectly focus attention on the places where you do not live in truth, where you do not move in harmony, where you do not hold compassion (mostly for yourself) as I say, where you do not move with Grace.
Every decision you ever make has one of two components: you either serve your fear or serve your soul. It's really that simple. But it can be difficult to do.

The truth cannot change, so it is your perception of yourself that is going to have to shift. You can try to understand it, but what we are speaking of here cannot be "intellectualized." 
You are going to have to learn to live from your heart. And that only comes through experience. No matter how you slice it, it's about compassion.

The conflict between your rigidly held beliefs and pressure
from The Universe to move to greater harmony is what creates our pain and suffering. The more a person resists, the more pressure The Universe must apply. When The Universe has not been successful in getting a person to look at their resistance through its normal process, it will create a more intense learning opportunity. 

Something has to eventually give, and it isn't going to be The Universe. And the pressure will grow until there is a collapse, so that the individual will be unable to continue their old ways. We refer to this as a healing crisis. The crisis may be a disease, a serious accident or the loss of someone close; but in some way or other, The Universe is going to find a way to get you to surrender. 
In time you are going to have to give up your ego. Either you will see the light and do it as a matter of choice or you will create so much pain for yourself that the crisis will force you to look at and reject what you have been doing and the beliefs that drive your behavior. The difference is that the latter is a great deal more painful than the former. Is this regrettable? Certainly. But it is your choice.
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by Ross Bishop
The book that explains why life is as it is. It provides an understanding of our problems, where they come from and why they are created. A down-to-earth, understandable guide as to why your life has happened as it did and what you can do to change it. Through this understanding your life takes on a whole new perspective and purpose! Using these insights your life can truly be different. . .
Written by one of the masters of modern shamanism, this book brings together knowledge and insights from years of helping people make profound changes in their lives.
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Here's what others have said:
"This blessed Shaman and author never ceases to amaze and delight me. I am always honored to review and present his works and this gem is no exception. I tend to carry his understated and soul piercing words with me often.  His deep wisdom has been life changing and the thoughts presented in his new venture bring even deeper truths to light.
In a simple, but flowing style all his own this honest warrior has helped me to get even closer to the truth of who I am, who I am not and where I am going.  I would recommend it to anyone at any stage of their journey. This great friend has made it easily into my spiritual toolbox and I will refer to it often.  Thanks Ross, your gentleness and strength will be long remembered."
Riki Frahmann
I warmly recommend this book to anyone looking for answers, guidance and/or personal development. Every single word is infused with loving kindness, compassion and wisdom; spoken from experience and with insight by a man who has walked the difficult path to enlightenment himself. A true gift to this world. I couldn't put it down.
I've read all of his books and even worked with Ross personally. So, I assumed I knew all there was to know about this kind shaman's ability to guide you to yourself. Then I read About Life and learned more!  It's friendly and compassionate and can help you. I urge you to take a copy home and keep on growing.
Here at last is a manual about life here on earth.  Easy to understand, yet liberally sprinkled with wisdom, "About Life" will reveal the purpose of living, the reason for the pain and struggle, as well as the methods for finding your truest self and deep inner peace.  An unassuming jewel in spiritual literature. 
Selena Ph.D., M.S., L.P.C.
Through the years I have read countless spiritual books but nothing resonates with me like reading Ross's work. It was like coming home.
  • By Ross Bishop
  • September 21, 2017

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