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Understanding Karma

The concept of karma can be confusing. Many people hold the mistaken belief that karma is some sort of moral bank account in which good deeds are balanced against bad deeds, the result determining one’s fate. The premise is that you will pay in the future for what you do to others today. That isn’t quite how karma works.

Let us begin with the premise that The Universe’s sole purpose is to encourage you to learn to love yourself. Everything you experience here on earth will be based upon that premise. If you love yourself and others, you will experience peace. If you do not, you will create pain for yourself. Inwardly we know this pain as guilt and shame, i.e., inner torment. Outwardly, it manifests as conflict with other people. This is the energy of karma.

The intensity of our experiences is determined by the degree to which we separate from the state of compassion. The farther “out” we are, the more intense and challenging our experiences will be – not as punishment mind you, but as a wake-up call, asking us to look at the beliefs that drive our behavior. If you hold a lifetime of rage for example, you will probably act with dysfunctional aggression toward the world. You will likely be met with a host of resistance. Your personal life (internal and external) will also be hell. This is karma.

Similarly, if you see yourself as unworthy or defective, you will be unable to open your heart to yourself or to others. The Universe, operating like a great balancing wheel, will be obliged to call your beliefs to your attention – you will experience sadness, depression and pain as you try to fit into a world, “in which you do not belong.” This is the Law of Karma in operation. It is not punishment or payback, it is encouragement for you to look at your beliefs and bring them into harmony with The Universal.

You act, other people react. That’s the way life works. If you act from compassion, their response will in most situations, reflect that. Act cruelly or manipulatively, and you will most likely be met with anger and resistance.* This is true for groups and nations as well as individuals. People, families and governments often seem oblivious to revolution or terrorism in their midst, and yet, all they need do is look in the mirror.

Since we have free will, we can choose to ignore our pain, insuring that we will experience even greater pain (suffering), and eventually disease in the future as The Universe ratchets up the process. This is because of the other principle operating here – that The Universe will not be denied.

Where karma really has significance is the impact the unresolved issues of our past lives have on the present. We tend to see our present lives as disconnected from our past ones. This is not the case.

Some people hold the belief that the events of our lives are determined by whether we did bad things in a previous life. This again, is something of a misunderstanding.

If a person has done disharmonious things in a previous life that were not resolved, then that unresolved, dissonant energy will be carried forward into subsequent lifetimes until the beliefs that drove that behavior are resolved within the individual. Similarly, unresolved ego issues will also be carried forward, and both of these will shape and direct the events of the present lifetime. This is not done as punishment, but to serve the learning and growth of the individual. The greater the past life disharmony, the more profound the present life lessons will be, always perfectly balanced to provide what is needed for each individual’s growth. This is karma.

Understanding this helps explain why things sometimes happen to “innocents.” Although not outwardly visible, these people carry old burdens within them that need to be resolved, and crisis is usually the most powerful way to do this. As is always true in life, there is always a great deal more going on than appears on the surface. This may also give you pause about leaving unresolved some of the things you have done in this lifetime.

It is these karmic energies that a competent psychic will interpret; to tell you about your life and what probably lies ahead for you. This raises the question, “Is life predetermined?” The answer is that we brought powerful forces in from our previous lives. These forces determine the changes we need to make in ourselves (to our egos). These shape the “opportunities” given us in this lifetime to shed our (false) beliefs. However, this is a fluid situation. Your reaction, and the changes that you make in your beliefs can dramatically alter your future experiences. If you aggressively move toward real compassion and open your heart (especially to yourself), The Universe will respond by backing off your future “lessons” – because you will have made the changes it is seeking!

On the other hand . . . .

*There are exceptions. Each person in an interaction has issues to work through and that may interfere with their response. Their fear may cause them to not respond appropriately to your compassion.

  • By Ross Bishop
  • May 8, 2016

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