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Healing The Shadow

The Second Edition

Healing The Shadow is about helping people heal their inner woundedness and step into the light. It brings into a modern context thousands of years of shamanic healing practice. Ross makes these ancient healing methods accessible so you can use them for your healing and spiritual growth.  Already one of the classics of modern shamanism, this second edition with an additional 130 pages, promises to be an even more effective resource. While many books make promises, this one delivers. As one spiritual seeker wrote, “This is the book that helped me heal a lifetime of pain.” Here is what others have said: “Healing The Shadow is the most life changing book I have ever read!” “. . .it has liberated me to live in passion and truly embrace life. . .” “I have been able to reclaim my essential passion and wholeness.” “This is the book that changed my life!” “It is not easy work. . . It is worthwhile work.” “I keep Shadow on my bedstead. I read a little each night before I go to sleep.” “I met Ross and hoped his book would give me some clue as to how he had gotten to where he was. I am pleased to say, it did!”

Healing The Shadow II  $24.95 + s&h $4.95

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Healing The Shadow II eBook $12.95

Journey to Enlightenment

Enlightenment may not be as unreachable as you think. Ross writes: “Life is not about becoming something different than you already are. Life is about finding out that it’s safe to let go of what you’re not – of all the protective things you cling to that hold you back. You are already the magnificent being you are ‘becoming.’ The evolution is in your consciousness. Your learning the truth is the crux of the transformational process called enlightenment. “ The difficulty comes in letting go of your limiting beliefs, so that you can be free to be who you truly are. Most of us are afraid that if we let go of who we think we are, we will be left naked and alone out in the cold. In Journey to Enlightenment, Ross provides a most insightful perspective on why things in your life happen as they do and what you can do about that. He explains why you created your beliefs, how they get in your way and more importantly, offers effective techniques for healing the hurt that lies beneath them, including a clearly explained, and easily presented, version of the ancient shamanic journey process, to help you move closer to enlightenment. Ross discusses a host of other topics including an interesting perspective on why it is difficult to change, living in the God Space, dealing with entities, The Misunderstanding, past lives and an entire chapter on learning to work with the power of gratitude.

$22.95 s&h $4.95 (+ $2 each add’l book)

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Journey to Enlightenment – eBook $9.95

Healing The Shadow

From The Publisher: There is something in all of us that keeps us from being who and what we could be. Called ‘the Shadow’ by Carl Jung, this part of us feeds our fears, inhibits our spontaneity and shuts down our natural selves. In Healing the Shadow, Santa Fe Shaman, Ross Bishop, offers a unique perspective on the shadow and how to deal with it. This truly remarkable book provides readers with the tools and resources to manifest positive change in their lives… more


For the first time on CD:

The Shamanic Journey

One of mankind’s oldest and most powerful healing processes has been put into a form usable by the average person. Powerful and easy to use, this guided CD will take you through the steps of the ancient process guided by Ross Bishop.

In addition to the basic process Ross shows you how to adapt the process to address specific problems in your life, journey to past lives, and most importantly, heal a wounded inner child. This is a resource you will be happy to have at your disposal.

CD $17.95

Life. It confuses, perplexes and confounds. Many people have written about it, few have offered explanations. In this new book Ross offers a unique perspective of life that differs significantly from our normal understanding of it. Ross provides insights into why life is the way it is and offers some groundbreaking insights into how we might live “fearlessly and passionately”… more


Healing Methods CD from Truth

Reading about various healing techniques is good, but being guided through them is even better. Ross takes you through some of the techniques discussed in TRUTH and a number of others that are not presented in the book. If you are serious about making changes in your life, this CD is a must have! Healing Methods CD

CD $17.95


Recent Posts

When Something Happens

by Ross Bishop

OK, something happens – good or bad – it doesn’t matter. In that moment you have a choice – you either hold compassion for the other or dump all over them. Every situation, every moment, presents you with that choice.

Notice that I am separating out the content of the event from your feelings about it. You don’t have to like what they did, in fact, you probably won’t. But you can have compassion for them, regardless – that is what Mastery is about.

You won’t like it when someone hits your car or speaks badly about you behind your back. Life doesn’t require that you simply take those things lying down, but you can do what you need to do with compassion. And if we all started to do that, think of how the world would change!

What keeps you from moving to compassion are your beliefs. If you approach life believing you are inadequate or that God doesn’t love you – or whatever – then when something happens you feel like the cover to your inadequacy has been exposed. Then you have to protect yourself. And the easiest way to do that is to scratch the offender’s eyes out.

But what does that really accomplish? It only makes the other person defensive and digs you both deeper into a hole. You’ll get a lot further by firmly telling the guy who just hit your car that it’s really unwise to be talking on his cell phone while driving. Reaming him out really doesn’t accomplish anything except expose your own insecurity and as I said, escalate him into confrontation.

Sure you’re going to be inconvenienced by having to deal with insurance, the repair shop, etc., etc. But being angry at him isn’t going to change any of that. You’re still going to have to go through the steps. Sure, you can feel frustrated, but being angry only messes up your life. You’re not likely to have any effect on him anyway.

Let’s look at this whole thing from another perspective:This situation has been created for the express purpose of giving you the opportunity to move to compassion. That’s right – every situation you experience has been specifically designed for you to give you that opportunity. Every situation.

That’s the way life works. That is our learning process. It is how we change. Challenge and response. The next challenge will be based on your previous response. Move to compassion and everything cools down.

Jump to anger and you will be presented with another situation. All you have to do is hang around. It’s like the ocean, there’s always another wave. Only in this case the next wave will be bigger, making clinging to your beliefs even more painful. If you continue to resist eventually things escalate until you have no choice but to surrender. But, there is always – in every situation – the opportunity to move to compassion.

Compassion makes you “transparent” to the events of life. When something happens you don’t take it in as you probably do today. Compassion allows you to step back and look at what the other person is doing instead of having to defend your position. It moves you from “Me” to “We.” And that is a remarkable gift.

Life is presenting you with that opportunity right now. What will you chose?

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