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ross bishopI am sometimes asked why I became a healer. I don’t know many people who set out to do this kind of work. Actually, I think that the work picks you out and draws you in, often in spite of your better judgment. The work is very demanding. It’s tough day after day to deal with people’s emotional pain, with their resistance to change and with the dramas they create around themselves in the process. It is also immensely satisfying to watch someone quit living in fear and begin to bloom and emerge into life after years of living in the darkness of pain, denial and repression.

I became a healer as an outgrowth of my own need for healing. My pain and dissatisfaction with my life brought me to leave the corporate world and begin a journey to find and root out the sources of the considerable pain I carried within myself. I found western psychology to be woefully inadequate to help me and so I set out to find more meaningful answers.

My teachers all encouraged me after working on my own stuff to go outside myself and help others to heal, not as a humanitarian service but as a way to deepen my own healing process. I found that I had a gift for the work and that my teachers were absolutely right. Serving others is a remarkable learning process. My clients over the last 25 years have taken me to places I could not have gone on my own. I am deeply grateful for the gifts of personal growth that our work together has given me.

One other reason I do this work is the incredible success I have had with people over the years. People make real, honest to God life altering changes when they work with this stuff! It’s great!

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“I was fortunate to connect with Ross during a very difficult time in my life, when I was dealing with a tremendous amount of grief and loss.  From the very first shamanic healing session I had with Ross, I was able to connect with aspects of myself which were wounded and shut down.  Through his innovative process utilizing inner child work with shamanic healing, there was an opportunity to go back and heal much of the pain I had experienced in earlier parts of my life. Ross helped me to uncover and release belief patterns that were holding me in limitation and tremendous suffering.  This allowed me to move into greater awareness and connection with my true self, letting go of my ‘story’.

Ross is able to facilitate and teach this process in a way that is both simple and profound.  After several years attending Ross’ group workshops, I participated in an long term apprenticeship program with him to train as a shaman.  Through in-depth training and facilitation, I was supported in accessing my core wounds to prepare myself for the work of a shaman.  This was a powerful and transformative process.  I would not be the practitioner and person I am today without the patient and caring support Ross offered through this process.

One of the major themes that comes up in working with Ross is that through sharing our individual stories and issues, it becomes clear that we are all on the same journey, although the details may vary.  Ross is a master at bringing understanding of the “Big Picture” into one’s consciousness; this shift creates a major step forward in our individual healing and that of our world.  Through sessions, workshops and three amazing books, Ross offers deep insight, understanding and accessible tools that support growth and healing on many levels.  I feel honored and blessed to have him as my teacher, mentor and friend.” Beth, Annapolis, MD.
“Ross is able to gently, yet potently hold compassion which creates a warm safe space, while simultaneously pushing to do the deepest possible inner work.  Each session allows the heart to open to life just a bit more.  This work allows gentle change at a fundamental, transformative level.”  Selena, Portland, OR.



There are two kinds of Shaman. Some people have a gift and study for years to develop that gift into a healing art. Ross Bishop is what is called a natural Shaman, someone who seems to have been born blessed with a gift for healing.

Ross has brought the core of the ancient traditions of Shamanism into a form and practices that can be easily used and understood by the Western mind.

In a former life, Ross was president of an advertising agency and a communications executive for the former Northern States Power Company (NSP) in Minneapolis. After leaving NSP, with a colleague he founded Creative Power Workshops and traveled the country teaching creative thinking to advertising writers and art directors. Seeing the limitations fear placed on people’s creative passion led Ross to undertake a spiritual journey in search of answers. That journey covered many miles and several years and brought him to many teachers. Finding some answers, Ross also found he possessed a natural gift for shamanic healing. He returned to this country and conducted vision quests for spiritual pilgrims throughout the Southwestern United States. Today he concentrates his energies on writing and on an active healing and counseling practice in Santa Fe.

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The Problem With Problems

by Ross Bishop

No one likes having problems. We want an idyllic life, free from stress and difficulty. Most of us long for a life on a south sea island, free from kids and other people, no obligations, no hassles, no problems and free chocolate – right? You’d think the way some people keep their lives in constant tumult that they liked it that way, but you’d be hard pressed to call them happy.

I’ve known island people and it’s true, in general they don’t struggle with life like we do. Their lives are simpler – something we could all learn from, but it isn’t that they don’t have problems. Most of them just don’t get wrapped up in their problems they way we do.

Everyone has problems, there is no escaping them (more about that in a minute), even on a south sea island. And, if all we had were our problem per. se., it wouldn’t be so bad. But our problems tend suck us into the self-depreciating spiral of our shame, and the situation then becomes an expression of all the other things wrong in our lives.

We can either stay focused on the here and now and deal with the situation or drop off the edge into shame and guilt from which there is no answer. We go from the situation to – “something’s wrong with me,” “I’m not good enough,” – you know the drill.

So how come everyone has problems? Why is life that way? It’s simple really. Because you’re not finished with the development of your awareness. With an incomplete awareness you naturally feel fear and therefore must call up your ego to protect you. That means you leave your compassion behind. You have “problems” because your ego is getting tangled up in your “situations,” and escalating them.

A great deal of dealing with life successfully has to do with our approach to it. When you can hold your love and compassion you still have situations, but they don’t become problems. There isn’t the ego involvement. When you finally realize that you cannot really be hurt by someone’s words or emotions, the game dramatically changes. So one of the secrets is not to try and avoid situations (you can’t anyway), but to learn to deal with them without getting triggered.

Another thing that helps is to realize that you are having difficulties not because something is wrong with you, but because you’re not approaching the difficulty with love and compassion. This is the growth in your awareness that I speak of. If you are to resolve a problem, you must first step outside your old way of thinking to move to a place of greater compassion. This is how we grow from our problems. In this regard then, you begin to see your problems as stepping stones not obstacles.

If you can make that shift, it helps you get out of your shell, and even if you don’t agree with the other, you can better see where they’re coming from. One of Gandhi’s real gifts was his ability to see things from the other’s point of view. Even if he totally disagreed with them, he honestly respected their viewpoint. And, that’s not to say, don’t take care of yourself, because the fist person for you to love is you.

So OK, you’ve got a situation and it has made you aware that you need to work on something or other. Find out what that is, and resolve it before it turns into a problem. Get your ego out of the way! Easy to say, I know, but it is what you came here to learn. And no one said this was going to be easy.

If the issue is big enough that you get hooked into your shame, get some help. Find a good shaman. We’re trained to deal with this sort of thing. When you free yourself from shame and self-judgment, you take important steps on your journey home. And as I said, that’s what you came here to resolve. And when you do that, life gets better for everyone . . . Remember, a trying time is a doorway to a new beginning.

Pina Colada anyone?

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