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Finding Inner Peace

We all want inner peace, but finding it can be a real challenge. We meditate, do yoga, read books, go to workshops, repeat mantras and yet we continue to be buffeted by the events of our lives. Is life really unfair? Are we not doing it right? What are we missing? Is something wrong with us? That is how it feels much of the time.

I started my spiritual explorations some years ago through Zen meditation. I sat morning and evening, religiously (if you will pardon the pun), seven days a week at least twice a day. I went deep. I got calm, my breathing deepened and the world seemed to slow down as I began to shift my focus to what was really important. My friends noticed the changes. I touched a place of inner peace I had no idea even existed.

Had I found bliss? Hardly. It scared the hell out of me! I wasn’t ready for that level of openness and feeling that vulnerable shook me to my roots. It would be a little while before I had the courage to go that deep or feel that vulnerable again.

Fortunately, the experience touched something so deep inside that I could not ignore it. I had to pursue it. So here I am, 40 years later, eternally grateful for an experience that literally scared the daylights out of me. The fear I experienced years ago is the same fear that keeps you from your inner peace today.

So what is this fear that holds you captive? What is this deep anxiety that keeps you from the joy and contentment you have been told is yours? Shaman call it the shadow.

The unhealed shadow lives off your fear. It keeps you separate from others and makes you feel badly about yourself. It makes you feel alienated, inadequate and alone. It leads you to feel unworthy and unlovable. It keeps you from being at peace.

You know the shadow through the beliefs you hold about yourself - things like you’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough - enough of something. And that brings you to believe that you are somehow unworthy in The Creator's eyes. Those feelings of unworthiness force you to make compromises in your life choices. Compromise after compromise until after a while you’re so deep in the muck you don’t know which way to turn.

The thing is, the feelings of vulnerability that lead to your beliefs are the things you came to earth to resolve. You see, none of the things that you believe about yourself can be true, but so long as you hold them, they will interfere with your spiritual development (and your peace of mind). There is much more to explain than I have space for here, but it is my hope that the articles, videos and books on this web site will help with your understanding.




A Shaman's Path to Inner Peace

Ross has adapted the Shamanic process in this fourteen part series.

We all seek inner peace, but it eludes us. Our culture with its emphasis on success and winning doesn't help matters, either. I have been teaching people for almost 40 years how to use the shamanic perspective to heal their inner pain and to introduce them to the higher realms of learning. You will learn about your wounded inner child, how to deal with anger, feeling safe enough to be open and compassionate and a hundred other things.

This video is an introduction to the process and it sets the groundwork for the thirteen videos to follow. Videos 1 -3 of this 14 part series are available for free

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"My first reaction upon opening this precious find and reading the first 40 pages or so was, "Where have you been all my life?" Done in his laid back informal magnanimous style, the author brought me a gentle, easy and calming non-judgmental way to look at myself. I felt safe and could understand what happened to not just me, but to us, the dilemma and how to move forward to fix it”

Love & Light,

Riki Frahmann

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